Recognising the need for lifelong learning.

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  • A Future Skills Action Plan to be published in early 2019
  • Establishing a National Retraining Partnership
  • A second year of the Flexible Workforce Development

Skills for the Future

We will publish a Future Skills Action Plan in early 2019, which will build on the output of the Enterprise and Skills Strategic Board, helping to ensure we have the right skills in place to support individuals, employers and our economy. This will recognise the increasing importance of up-skilling and re-skilling our existing workforce, in line with the opportunities for future economic growth that technological advance and economic change will present. The Plan will also include a more responsive and resilient funding model for work-based learning and the up-skilling/retraining agenda, developed in partnership with the SFC and SDS.

Recognising the need to support the population of rural areas, we will also publish and implement a rural skills action plan that will seek to ensure that national frameworks are available across rural Scotland.

National Retraining Partnership

We will also establish a National Retraining Partnership with employers, unions, colleges and universities, and training bodies to identify the best collaborative way forward to help workers and businesses prepare for future changes by enabling the workforce to up-skill and/or retrain where necessary. This is an example of how we will use partnership to create space for employers, unions and other stakeholders to come together to respond collectively to economic challenges.

Flexible Workforce Development Fund

In addition we will continue to provide opportunities for the existing workforce through a range of programmes including the Flexible Workforce Development Fund (increasing the cap from £10,000 to £15,000), Individual Training Accounts and the Scottish Union Learning Fund. Through the £12m Transition Training Fund, we are also helping individuals to retrain, up-skill or get accreditation or certification that would help in securing a new job in oil and gas, the wider energy sector, or engineering and manufacturing.

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