Planning policy to support sustainable and inclusive growth across all of our regions.

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  • We will ensure that the planning system develops to support inclusive economic growth and delivers for investors and communities

National Planning Framework 4

We will use the National Planning Framework 4 to promote sustainable and inclusive economic growth across all of our regions, and to create high-quality, diverse and sustainable places that promote wellbeing and attract investment.

Strategic Transport Projects Review

Future transport investment through Strategic Transport Projects Review (STPR2), will be aligned with the national planning framework, creating well connected places for the people of Scotland.

Planning Fees Regulations

We will consult on a review of our planning fees regulations, including the principle for a developer to pay a higher planning application fee for an accelerated service from the planning authority in its handling of the application.

Place Principle

We will support and promote the Place Principle which asks that all those responsible for providing services and looking after assets in a place work and plan together, with local communities, to create more successful places.

Through the Local Governance Review, we will consider proposals for alternative governance arrangements at local council / Community Planning Partnership level, or more regionally. A key objective will be to help drive inclusive growth in those places.

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