Responding to global challenges.

Map of Scotland

Scottish industries are already responding innovatively to some of the most significant challenges of our time: dealing with rising demand for health and social care; transitioning to a carbon neutral economy; rapid technological change and automation. These are enormous challenges for society but also provide opportunities for those who develop the solutions.

We are also taking action in strategic areas to harness these opportunities, drive up investment and innovation, and mark Scotland as a leader on the world stage. For example, we are:

  • Accelerating our transition to a carbon neutral economy: a £60 million Low Carbon Innovation Fund; a £20 million Energy Investment Fund; investment in electric vehicles infrastructure and in the circular economy.
  • Driving transformation in industries at the forefront of innovation: through investments in advanced manufacturing, life sciences and financial technology.
  • Delivering a 5G strategy: to stimulate markets in high-data products and services and underpin our progress in areas like connected devices, machine learning and Internet of things.
  • Supporting data driven innovation: through Innovation Centres such as The Data Lab and Censis.
  • Investing in AI technologies: such as a world leading clinical imaging data resource that develops AI applications for the public good.