A photograph of staff from the Scottish company Healthworks standing on a bridge

We’re fundamentally changing the way the public sector supports businesses in Scotland.

To make sure we get the right support, advice and funding to businesses quickly and effectively, our enterprise agencies and Business Gateway are working in partnership to deliver a more streamlined system of business support which will provide businesses across Scotland with consistent access to the support services available to them. As part of this we have created ‘Find Business Support’ , a single place online, alongside a national enquiries and signposting service to make sure businesses can quickly and easily access advice and support. We will continue to develop the single entry point to meet our longer-term ambition of making all support provided by the public sector visible and available in one place.

We know that being a global citizen and socially responsible employer is good for business, so ‘Find Business Support’ will be further developed to include clear and simple guidance and tools on how businesses can become greener and cleaner. We want to make it easy for businesses to maximise business opportunities and get the full benefit of the low carbon solutions made possible by Scotland’s natural assets.

We will continue to provide support to rural enterprises through our economic development agencies, Business Gateway and partners and will also test a place-based approach to integrated business support for micro-enterprises operating in rural areas, recognising the different challenges they face such as gaining access to markets and connectivity issues.

We will also continue to improve the support for businesses with skills, research and innovation from our colleges, universities and research institutes. This includes evolving our Innovation Centre programme and support provided by Interface.

The approach will aim to deliver flexible support that is tailored to the needs of the business and its geographical location.