The global climate emergency brings challenges which we are facing head-on, but it also creates an unprecedented opportunity to share our leading expertise and skills in this area across the globe.

Through the Green Growth Accelerator, we will work with regional partners to realise our ambitions for a low carbon economy. We will leverage public money as well as seeking to attract and stimulate private investment into our £3 billion pipeline of green investment projects. These will make the most of natural resources and assets across the country while capitalising on our world class facilities, such as the National Manufacturing Institute of Scotland, to bring in new investment. We will continue to support research and development in the energy industry, while at the same time strengthening our supply chains.

We are growing our economy to meet the challenge of net zero. The low carbon and renewable energy sector directly supports 21,000 jobs and generates £5.9 billion in turnover

To realise the climate opportunity, we must work with private sector partners in Scotland and globally who have been shifting their investment and operations from oil and gas to renewable sources. We must support those businesses to manage the jobs and health of their existing operations during this massive economic transition.

We will use the expertise of many of our businesses and private sector partners to speed up the development of new greener technologies in close collaboration with our colleges, universities, innovation centres and research institutes.

We will help to support and create circular business approaches which will design-out waste and design-in renewable resources, saving companies money and reducing their carbon footprint.