We want Scotland to be a leader in the technological and social innovations of the future, to harness that innovation to improve lives for the better and to export our solutions to the rest of the world.

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Our National Performance Framework and Economic Strategy set out our vision for sustainable and inclusive economic growth.

We want Scotland to be a leader in the technological and social innovations of the future. We will harness that innovation to boost productivity and business competitiveness, improve lives for the better across all of Scotland, and to export our solutions, goods and services to the rest of the world.

Competitive, innovative businesses focused on best practice, leadership and management are vital to delivering this vision. They support sustainable jobs, incomes and our quality of life. We will work in partnership with business so that we can deliver the kind of economy that we want.

The actions in this plan will put Scotland at the forefront in transitioning to a carbon neutral, circular economy. They will modernise transport and energy systems, achieve and maintain world class connectivity and harness innovation to create and scale successful businesses, while tackling key social challenges like the changing demographics of our population and the associated challenges of skilling and reskilling. These issues apply across our cities, towns and rural areas, as well as in our islands. In doing so, we will create opportunity for every business, individual, family, local community and region in Scotland.

We have listened carefully to the views of business, employer organisations, trade unions and other stakeholders across Scotland. The actions we are taking reflect strategic priorities that we and our stakeholders believe will enhance the conditions in Scotland to thrive.

Scotland’s Economic Strategy

National Performance Framework