We are taking action across all elements of inclusive growth.

A pen ticking a checkbox

The Scottish Government defines inclusive growth as: “Growth that combines increased prosperity with greater equity; that creates opportunities for all and distributes the dividends of increased prosperity fairly”.

We are taking action in the following key areas to make sure the fundamentals are right:

  • Investment: boosting private and public investment and delivering world-class infrastructure.
  • Enterprise: streamlining business support and ensuring a competitive business environment.
  • International: growing exports and international investment and attracting global talent.
  • Innovation: supporting world-leading innovation and a dynamic digital economy.
  • Skills: providing a highly skilled workforce through education, training and re-skilling.
  • Place: supporting thriving places throughout Scotland: in our regions, cities, towns and rural areas, including our islands.
  • People: moving toward a world-leading working life where fair work drives success, wellbeing and prosperity for individuals, employers and society.
  • Sustainability: seizing the economic opportunities of the transition to a carbon neutral economy.

We will take these actions forward in a way that reflects our unwavering commitment to delivering inclusive growth across all of Scotland.