Building Scotland’s biggest port

Established in 1136, Aberdeen Harbour is officially recognised by the Guinness Book of Records as one of Britain’s oldest existing businesses. Soon, it will be able to claim the title of Scotland’s biggest port.

Long recognised as a vital cog in Scotland’s economy – it has supported the growth of the fishing and oil and gas industries among numerous others – the harbour is undergoing a major modernisation programme that will open the door to new markets.

The Scottish Government is contributing £12.5 million to the overall project cost of £350 million. Once complete, the expansion of the harbour at Nigg Bay is expected to help Scotland tap into the opportunities presented by the renewables and cruise tourism industries.

Commenting on the award in 2017, Aberdeen Harbour’s then Chief Executive, Colin Parker, said: “This funding is immensely significant. It further demonstrates recognition of this strategic project as one of national and international importance. The facilities developed will transform the port’s ability to accommodate the trend for larger vessels we are witnessing across a whole range of industries, thereby encouraging commercial diversification and future-proofing the port’s ability to support large-scale marine operations.”