Progress through a place-based approach founded on consensus and collaboration.

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This plan reflects the messages we hear in our ongoing engagement and from expert recommendations such as from our business-led Enterprise and Skills Strategic Board. We will continue to listen and draw on that evidence as we deliver for the economy of today and invest for the future.

As a Government, we will build consensus – not just with businesses and with trade unions, but with the wider public sector, the third sector and across political parties too. We believe there is scope for far greater collaboration, and that our Parliament, if it chooses, can send a clear message to the world that the success of Scotland’s economy is a common endeavour and that Scotland is ambitious and open for business.

In supporting growth, we are taking a place-based approach to ensure interventions are tailored specifically to regional or local needs. For example, whilst our rural economy is both similar to, and tightly integrated with, the national economy, it is also extremely diverse. There are a number of distinct differences which include distance from key services, and sparsity of populations making connectivity an issue.

Similarly, we are committed to supporting, strengthening and protecting island communities, and our historic Islands (Scotland) Act will help create the right environment for sustainable growth and empowered communities.