Investing in connectivity, enabling the digital economy.

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  • A £600 million final phase of ‘Reaching 100%’ investment to ensure every home and business in Scotland has access to superfast broadband by the end of 2021
  • New 4G masts in remote rural areas
  • A new 5G strategy

‘Reaching 100%’ (R100)

Having already exceeded our target of 95% fibre broadband coverage across Scotland, we will now complete the first phase of procurement for ‘Reaching 100%’ (R100), our programme of investment to deliver 100% access to superfast broadband of 30Mbps to all homes and businesses by the end of 2021.

Digital Economy

To ensure all of Scotland can benefit from the digital economy, we will:

  • invest £25 million through the Scottish 4G Infill programme (S4GI) to deliver future-proofed mobile infrastructure and services in up to around 60 to 70 complete mobile ‘not spots’.
  • establish a ‘rural centre of excellence’ for digital health and point of care innovation, where technical and business innovation can be tested thereby fostering innovation in this domain.
  • use the £36 million Digital Growth Fund to address the current lack of people with the necessary digital skills and continue to support the Digital Boost programme to give advice and support that improves the level of digital maturity amongst businesses in every part of Scotland.

Mobility as a Service (MaaS)

We will harness digital innovation within our transport system through investing up to £2 million to develop ‘Mobility as a Service’ (MaaS) in Scotland, with funding available from 2019 to support projects. This will complement our existing work on smart ticketing.

5G Strategy

We will publish a 5G strategy that allows Scotland to gain advantage from this emerging technology and enables high volume data exchanges, stimulating markets in high-data products and services and enabling businesses and underpinning progress in areas like connected devices, machine learning and the Internet of things. To ensure Scotland’s people and businesses receive equal priority in the rollout of mobile connectivity infrastructure, we will press Ofcom and the UK Government to enable the mobile infrastructure that Scotland needs.

Digital Scotland

We will also launch a promotional strategy for Digital Scotland aimed at attracting investors, designers, entrepreneurs and technical talent to think of Scotland as the right place to host data, test technology and start a digital business. This will be backed by a commitment to further enhance the speed and resilience of Scotland’s connections to the Internet and an approach to the development and delivery of public services that offers start-ups and established businesses the opportunities to innovate and commercialise their ideas.

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