Leading the transition to a carbon neutral economy.

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  • A £20 million Energy Investment Fund
  • A £60 million Low Carbon Innovation Fund
  • A Route Map on an Energy Efficient Scotland, that will lead to over £10 billion of activity to retrofit existing homes and buildings throughout all parts of Scotland
  • 50% of Scotland’s energy needs met by renewables by 2030
  • £25m to support innovation in wave and tidal technologies

Energy Efficient Scotland Route Map

By 2030 the equivalent of 50% of the energy for Scotland’s heat, transport and electricity consumption is to be supplied from renewable sources, along with a 30% increase in the productivity of energy use across the Scottish economy. That is why we have made energy efficiency a national infrastructure priority and set out our plans for this transformation in the Energy Efficient Scotland Route Map. We estimate this will result in a £10-12 billion programme of public and private sector investment over the next 20 years, with the potential to boost Scottish GDP growth and generate economic opportunity across the whole of Scotland.

Funding the transition to a carbon neutral economy

We have already allocated around £40 million to 16 low carbon capital projects through the Low Carbon Infrastructure Transition Programme. To progress our transition to a carbon neutral economy, we are providing support for renewable and local carbon infrastructure through our £20 million Energy Investment Fund and £60 million Low Carbon Innovation Fund.

Wave and Tidal Energy

To maintain Scotland’s position as a world leader in wave and tidal energy technologies, our Wave Energy Scotland programme has been designed to drive forward the search for innovative solutions. The programme has already made £25 million available to support 60 innovative projects, maximising the economic benefit of design, manufacturing and export. Our flagship wave and tidal test facility, the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC), has over a decade of real-sea experience. We will also continue to support the expansion of offshore wind by providing new guidance to industry on licensing and decommissioning, as well as providing a further £2 million this year to support innovation and to help reduce business costs.

Electricity and Gas Networks

Electricity and gas network businesses in Scotland, and their supply chain, will be key to realising our transition to a carbon neutral economy. We are working with these companies, as well as the wider sector and the regulator, to ensure these future plans are aligned to our vision for the sector.

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