Promoting Scotland’s products on the world stage.

Edinburgh castle Image courtesy of Scotland is Now

  • We will work with partners to develop and drive one clear brand Scotland
  • We now have a network of offices in 30 locations in 19 countries to drive trade and investment in Scotland
  • We will revamp GlobalScot and engage Scotland’s wider network of diaspora, alumni and friends globally to promote Scotland

Scotland is Now

The Scotland Is Now campaign is promoting Scotland as an open and outward-looking country and is already raising Scotland’s profile on the international stage. Building on this we will work with business and other stakeholders to develop one clear national Scotland brand for all to use. We will underpin this with open-source promotional material to support our businesses to go global and to attract global businesses to come to Scotland.

International network

We have added to our existing international network with new offices in Dublin, London and Berlin, to promote Scotland as a place to live, work, invest and do business, as well as almost doubling the number of staff working for Scottish Development International (SDI) across Europe to support Scottish businesses. The Scottish Government, SDI and VisitScotland collectively already have a permanent presence in more than 30 locations in 19 countries, with further openings in Paris and Ottawa in 2019. This presence provides direct market intelligence and connections for Scotland’s businesses. We will use this presence to increase ministerial visibility in existing and potential trading partner countries, developing stronger government-to-government and business-to-government networks.


We will revamp GlobalScot and engage Scotland’s wider network of diaspora, alumni and friends globally, to help better understand and exploit specific opportunities across global markets.

Key resources:

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