Growing exports and international investment and attracting global talent.

Flags of different countries

International trade and investment are vital to improving Scotland’s competitiveness and reducing economic inequality. Access to a skilled workforce is essential for our businesses to reach their potential. Our universities are a key asset as a result of their globally recognised excellence which results in “soft power” and influence internationally, attracting global talent and inward investment.

The actions we are taking throughout this plan are designed to create a better environment for businesses, people and our natural assets to flourish. In doing so we are enriching Scotland’s globally renowned reputation as one of the best places to invest, live, study and work. To ensure we remain outward looking and open for business, we are also taking action to help companies grow their businesses through exports and prepare for Brexit. Through actions like our Scotland is Now campaign, we are maximising Scotland’s presence in global markets and showcasing our assets and expertise to the world.