Supporting world-leading innovation and a dynamic digital economy.

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Innovation is about ideas that create jobs and wealth for the people of Scotland. We want Scotland to be a leader in the technological and social innovations of the future. That is why we are investing in industrial transformation, helping businesses to adopt digital technology, and promoting data-driven innovation. We will continue to broker access for Scotland to global value chains through targeted innovation-led collaboration and partnerships with other international partners to tackle shared domestic and global challenges and also to leverage such collaborations as points of external investment and funding. We want this package of investment to deliver exciting opportunities for business and society, and to showcase Scotland as an innovative nation.

We will continue to work with the public, private, and university and college sectors to drive forward our Innovation Action Plan – taking action to support innovation across businesses, sectors and places, using public sector spend to catalyse innovation, and making best use of the research, knowledge and talent of our universities and colleges to drive innovation and growth.

Combined with our approach on skills, we will both lead the transition to a more digitally enabled economy and increase the opportunities for Scotland’s people to thrive.