Delivering economic opportunities and environmental benefits through resource efficiency.

A wind farm

A more circular economy will benefit:

  • The environment by cutting waste and carbon emissions
  • The economy by improving productivity and opening up new markets
  • Communities by providing new local employment opportunities and lower cost options to access the goods we need

A circular economy fosters innovation and encourages the development of business models which re-use products and materials and create value where before there was waste. Zero Waste Scotland are encouraging the development of innovative new circular economic business models such as that developed by Moock Environmental that can potentially be used in high value industries and turn a waste product into an economic opportunity. We want Scotland to be involved in driving circular economy opportunities across all sectors of the economy.

Deposit Return Scheme

We are taking action as a Government to enhance recycling, including designing a deposit return scheme which will deliver a step change in our recycling rate, prevent littering and create new opportunities within the Scottish economy. This will create an economic opportunity for both the reprocessing of material and its subsequent reuse by companies keen to respond to consumer interest in more recycled content.

Just Transition Commission

We are also establishing a Just Transition Commission to advise Scottish Ministers on adjusting to a more sustainable and resource-efficient economic model in a fair way which will help to tackle inequality and poverty, and promote a fair and inclusive jobs market.

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