Better business performance through employee ownership.

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  • A newly-established industry led ‘Scotland for EO’
  • Workshops for anyone interested in employee ownership

The health of the Scottish economy depends on having a diverse range of business types. Employee-ownership has an important role to play.

Scotland for EO

We are making it easier for companies and workers to find out more about employee-ownership and to move towards it if it’s right for them. Scotland for EO will help to make this into a real option for businesses and workers across Scotland.

There are already around 100 employee-owned and worker-owned businesses operating in Scotland with approximately 7,000 employee-owners generating a combined turnover of around £940 million every year.

We aim to increase the number of employee-owned and worker-owned businesses to 500 by 2030 through the newly-established ‘Scotland for EO’ – an industry leadership group with the aim of making Scotland the best country in the world for employee owned (EO) businesses.

Scottish Enterprise is running a series of workshops explaining employee ownership to build awareness and demand for this inclusive business model.

Key resources:

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